Merino Possum Knitwear

Cleaning of Merino Possum Knitwear

 You’ll find you very rarely have to wash/clean Merino Possum garments, as the possum fur and merino wool do not absorb odours. All garments come with washing instructions.

Hand wash and rinse in warm water, make sure both washing and rinsing water is the same temperature, as different temperatures can cause shrinkage and use an approved wool detergent, do not over lather, only a small amount of liquid is needed, also just swirl the garment in the water, don’t rub hard or wring, rinse well and roll in a towel to remove excess water and finish by drying on a flat surface. Don’t forget to shape the garment on the towel before rolling up the towel.

Do not tumble dry or bleach.

Garments can be dry cleaned. (Please use a dry cleaner you know and trust, as they don’t always get it correct and garments may shrink.)